Monday, 15 August 2011

Genealogy Bragging :-)

I found Joseph Turnbull, my Great Grandfather, who is buried in Little Lake Cemetery (Peterborough, Ontario), but also located his father, Thomas Turnbull's plot in Kingston.  I about fell out of my chair when I learned he is in the same cemetery as First Prime Minister & Father of Confederation Sir John A. MacDonald, but really shouldn't be surprised.....  probably the only cemetery there at the time.  Thomas I believe and Sir John were drinking buddies or so I hear.

Looked up the Cemetery itself and it is absolutely beautiful:


I love genealogy!!

If you have relatives buried in Ontario, Canada; this site is invaluable:


Have fun!


  1. No... no relatives alive or otherwise, buried in Canada... :D

  2. I've been doing what you have been doing this week, trying to locate some family history...I didn't have much success but a friend that I asked to help did. I was so delighted with some of the info he found, it helped to solved some family puzzles...


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